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ODU presents with the "MAC Rapid" a newcomer, which offers thanks to a new half-shell principle 50% time saving in assembly and service. In addition, there are many other intelligent features such as high contact density, easy versatility for rapidly changing requirements, coding and spindle locking.

As a hybrid hand-held solution with spindle locking, the new performance class of the "MAC Blue" line with economical and user-friendly assembly and disassembly of the crimp-clip contacts is presented. A new combi module now achieves the highest packing density available on the market at only 14,4 mm width. A unique feature is their spindle lock also in the standard plastic housing.

The robust "Dock Silver" line is another novelty for automatic docking and robotic systems. The new high-performance contact "Lamtac HTC" offers maximum current carrying capacity and is temperature resistant up to 200 ° C. For autonomous driving and automated production, the self-locating contact system "Docking Mate" is presented.

Hermetic sealing for medical technology, for example, offers a new series of "Mini Snap" device parts Thanks to glass encapsulation, the high demands placed on ultra-high vacuum interfaces are met with powerful data transmission at up to 14,4 Gbit / s.

New high-voltage inserts for the "Medi-Snap" allow not only the reliable transmission of up to 1000 V (AC), according to IEC 60664-1, but also the avoidance of "hot-plugging" thanks to specific pin layout design and lagging contacts on the smallest Space of approx. 20 mm.

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