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weidmueller1018Electronica Hall C2, booth 334

Offered with the pin connector "Omnimate Power SLF 7.62HP SH" Weidmüller a solution with plug-in shielding plate, for a touch-protected device output in the area of ​​power electronics. The pluggable shield plate guarantees safe contacting of the shield contact during plugging and thus high EMC safety in the power area.

The pin connector has finger safety on both sides, on both the pin and socket connectors of 3 mm. This eliminates additional measures at the terminals of the DC link circuits or motors.

The male connector provides double-sided contact protection for power connections and direct contacting of the cable shield to the device. The shield plate is made of special EMC spring contact band. It ensures a large-area, permanent and vibration-proof shield connection to the metal housing and thus optimal noise elimination. It is ensured by a large-area laying of the braided shield at the end of the line. The contacting of the cable shield with the metal housing via the plug-in spring bar automatically and operator-independent - directly with the plug-in process. Elaborate devices for attaching the cable shield omitted.

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