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bopla1018Electronica Hall A2, Booth 500

Bopla offers a variety of electronics enclosures and services that are tailored to the exact requirements of industrial 4.0 applications. The focus is on the "Bolink "-Sensorgehäuse as well as the integration of touch screens and displays into various housings.

The self-extinguishing UL94 V-0 self-extinguishing Bolink sensor housings provide space for sensor, radio module and power supply. They are still very compact with 70 x 42 mm dimensions. Thanks to the molded mounting for the integration of a pressure compensation element, the housings are also suitable for outdoor use.

Depending on the type of power required for the radio technology, the small plastic housing is available in three heights: 15 mm for button cell, 22 mm for three AAA micro batteries and 26 mm for lithium battery CR 14250. Thanks to a modular tool concept with a basic tool shape and various inserts for forming different housing heights, wall brackets and screw connections, a total of 18 variants of the IoT basic housing type can be implemented.

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