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weidmueller0215Achema Hall 11.0, 4 Stand C

The new analogue Transducer "Pro ACT20P DCDC II"Weidmüller offers superior measurement accuracy and high insulating effect. Thanks to the integrated display, it has a particularly convenient and easy configuration. The only 12,5 mm wide module has a universal input range for various application fields.

Phoenix0115Hannover Messe Hall 8, Stand D28

In the family of highly compact Relay Modules "PLC Interface" from Phoenix Contact is now available variants for use in hazardous areas. Hazardous areas in the industry make high demands on reliability and safety of switching components. They meet the statutory requirements and approvals by Class 1, 2 Division. In addition, other variants are compliant with the ATEX Directive.

rauscher20115Control Hall 1, 1602 Stand

MBJ Imaging (Sales Rauscher) specializes in the development and production of innovative LED lighting modules for industrial image processing. The lighting as an integral part of an automatic camera inspection system is critical to its performance. Based on latest LED technologies the company offers easily integrated lighting solutions.

wuerth0314In order to reduce broadband, conducted radio interference, common mode chokes are used in line filters. For this purpose has Würth Elektronik Eisos current-compensated common mode chokes developed with nanocrystalline cores. The new WE-CMBNC product family is built with nanocrystalline cores and is characterized by its broadband attenuation behavior. Compared to conventional cores made of MnZn and NiZn core materials, nanocrystalline cores have a tenfold higher permeability.

Hilscher20214The Netjack 40 IP 51 interchange module is designed for use in devices that require a high-performance or isochronous real-time Ethernet slave interface. It provides a fast SPI connection to the host processor and, thanks to NetX 51, is well equipped for the Profinet V2.3 "High Performance Profile".

infineon0114The hardware-based "Optiga Trust P "security solution Infineon improves the protection of electronic devices in networked systems. With the flexible programmable solution, electronic devices can be securely authenticated. In addition, the new component protects computer systems against attacks and improves the security of electronically stored data.