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contrinex0216Contrinex introduces its high-speed safety relays for use with Safetinex type 2- and type 4 light curtains. Thanks to a faster response time of 10 ms only can now work safety systems in accordance with ANSI B11.19 or EN ISO 13855 realize with shorter overall safety distances.

biehl0216Bihl + Wiedemann has long been on cost-saving conveyor technology and drive solutions with AS-i. Now the company has the AS-i Motor Module BW3278 and BW3290 developed in a new housing that meets the specific requirements of the conveyor system even better. The particularly flat design 90 60 x x 18 mm and the curved design, the two AS-i Motor Module suitable for use in the cable channel.

gogatecThe microprocessor-controlled "Gogalight "LED displays of Gogatec suitable for monitoring of industrial processes. They can be used both as a convenient additional display of measured values ​​(4-20 mA) on site as well as a component of a complex visualization in RS485 networks.

vishay0415Vishay Intertechnology presents a new series of high-performance / high-current grid resistors. The grid resistors of the series "GRE2"Provide developers with an easy 1: 1-replacement solution for competitive products. They combine high power ratings up 24 kW with high temperature resistance up to + 400 ° C and a robust construction.

pepperl0415 SC system from Pepperl + Fuchs is a family of signal isolators for the non-hazardous area. The compact modules require little space in the cabinet, provide a quality 3-way isolation and allow an easy installation. The newest member of the signal conditioner family is a single channel amplifier, which is suitable for all standard binary sensors.

steute0415SPS IPC Drives Hall 9, 450 Stand

The Position switch Ex HS 98 of Steute differs in a very distinctive feature of all the other ex-position switches of the extensive program. He does not work in the conventional "on / off" technique, but outputs an analog signal corresponding to the position of the actuator or of the switch plunger. This position is detected by an integrated Hall sensor, which provides the output signal depending on the variant in the three major standards 0 20 ... mA, 4 20 ... mA or 0 10 ... V.