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OE A0117From the Internet of things about consumer electronics and healthcare to automotive and smart packaging and buildings: Printed electronics is now worldwide in many products and industries. This is also the seventh edition of Roadmap OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association), a working group within VDMA.

alps0117ALPS Electronic provides the SKTA series IP67 protected Tact switch as lateral control elements for thin smartphones and other portable electronic devices, the compact dimensions and dust and water resistance required. The surface-mountable components have tiny dimensions of 2,6 1,6 x x 0,53 mm, an actuator travel of 0,11 mm and a long service life of 300.000 cycles.

hyline0117Switching regulators are now almost everywhere prior art. On Point of Load, a Linear Regulators Low Dropout However deploy (Low Dropout) of Hy-Line as post regulator especially high supply voltages, without sabotaging the high efficiency of the power supply.

rafi0117The capacitive buttons of the series "Ramo C+ " from Rafi offer a variety of configuration options, with which the manufacturer programmable command device adapts directly to custom specifications. The capacitive sensors with very low thickness are designed for standardized installation openings of 22,3 and 30,3 mm and can be as normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) are running.

ftcap0416In the axial aluminum electrolytic capacitors has FTCAP five different series for different applications in the range. The solutions enable capacities of 4,7 82.000 uF ... uF and voltages of 16 200 ... V. The operating temperature can be up to 125 ° C.

wago0416The new 4-channel digital output terminal Wago complements the existing portfolio of 2-channel relay terminals to a relay output terminal with four potential-free contact Relay. Users from industry, shipbuilding, building and process and energy technology particularly benefit from twice the number of channels and a higher output current at the same space-saving width of just 12 mm.