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waldmann0418The "Mach LED Plus" machine lights from Waldmann The addition of luminaire interfaces offers new features: The digital luminaire input for power-free switching saves additional relays and switches. This saves space and costs. And because, thanks to the interface, the light can only be switched on when it is actually needed, the energy consumption is also reduced.

ichaus0318The optical sensors of the "IC PNH "series From IC house a small sensor area of ​​only 1,9 x 3,3 mm is sufficient to scan encoders and generate sine wave signals in best hi-fi quality. The evaluation is done with interpolation ICs with a vernier calculation, such as IC-MN or IC-MNF, which can achieve very high angular resolutions above 21 bit - even for code disc diameters of only 26 mm.

tdk0218Embedded World 3A Hall, Booth 209

The new DC / DC converter series TDK Lambda "GQA" provides 120 W output power with the common output voltages of 5, 12, 15, 24, 28 and 48 V. The GQA120 modules are fully encapsulated and operate over a wide range input from 9 to 36 VDC (18-36 VDC in the 48 V model). Short-term voltage peaks up to 50 VDC at the inputs can not affect the modules.

stoeber0218With the controllers the 6. Generation, Stöber responds to the increasingly complex requirements and functions in automation technology and mechanical engineering. Thanks to its integrated power supply and slim design, the new stand-alone device SC6 enables particularly compact and economical application concepts with up to four axes. Design engineers can now combine three series with each other and thus realize every imaginable task and very different applications.

schmersal0218The Schmersal group extends its range of control panels with the new BDF 200-SD variant. This product version now has an integrated SD interface. In addition, that is BDF 200 SD equipped with an emergency stop function with electronic OSSD outputs and can be equipped with up to three operational command and signaling devices such as illuminated pushbuttons, indicator lights, selector switches or key switches.

turck0118With the Illuminated pushbutton K50-Flat expanded by its opto partner Banner Engineering Turck his pick-to-light portfolio. The rugged IP69K probe is suitable for confined installation situations due to its low height of 17 mm. To trigger light touches without pressure with finger or palm enough.