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Bavariancover story

LED lighting technologies will soon displace traditional lighting systems due to their low energy consumption, low maintenance requirements and long service life. Bayer Material Science has therefore tailor-made for this application field polycarbonates, which are now conquering the first series applications. One example from the automotive industry is the LED lenses for the dipped beam and the high beam as well as the light guides for the daytime running lights in the headlights of the new Audi A8.

RSRS Components has launched a comprehensive program to support new designs in both industrial and factory automation. The distributor has added more than 2500 products to its range. They come from 20 manufacturers. A dedicated microsite within the RS Webshop is also dedicated to this topic. RS has significantly expanded its supply range in the field of electromechanics with numerous new connectors, sensors, cables, relays and switches. All are up to the demands of modern process plants.


SMP sintered metals Prometheus (SMP) introduces inductive components that are characterized by low loss, favorable EMC behavior and space-saving design. The core material consists of powder composite materials that SMP has developed specifically for each application. Depending on the application, the inductive components are designed as single-line chokes for high-current applications, individual reactors, throttle modules or LC filters.

Phenic ContactNew in the program of the system cabling "Varioface" from Phoenix Contact are the relay output modules with integrated in the relay indicator and freewheeling diode per channel. The additional manual operation on the relay makes it easy to switch the outputs manually and test the output functions. With the front adapters and system cables, which are available for many controllers, the relays can be connected without error. These are plugged in and are already ready for use.

FinderThe Master Interface-Series 39 by Finder embodies a new concept of coupling relays in the narrow, only 6,2 mm wide design. The five different versions optimize the space requirements, installation effort, ease of use and functionality required by replaceable mechanical relays (EMR) or opto-couplers (SSRs), as required.

Contrinexcover story

Contrinex is an expert in the field of cooling electronic components. From standard to high-end cooling solutions, the manufacturer offers customized engineering to achieve optimal cooling. Such a customer-specific characteristic is particularly suitable for the high-performance heat sinks with superpower profiles. Thanks to their pressed ribs, they offer a larger cooling surface compared to extruded modules and are also more compact. Properties that are very accommodating to miniaturization.