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TE1218TE Connectivity has the new ones plug-in terminal blocks of the SNK series brought to market with manufacturers of industrial equipment can reduce their installation costs and optimize stock levels. By connecting modules with plug-in terminal blocks and cable harnesses, both the assembly time and the test time are reduced.

In addition, the pluggable terminal blocks enable a customer-specific configuration on site and eliminate the need for storing numerous preconfigured solutions. Instead of wiring each terminal individually, cables can be easily combined into cable harnesses assembled with plugs. The optimization of all manufacturing, testing and commissioning processes enables cost savings and a reduction in working hours of up to 90%.

The SNK series is particularly suitable for applications in which products are exposed to harsh environmental conditions. For example, on ships or in switchboards, elevators and railways, the plug-in terminal blocks have successfully passed the strictest vibration, shock and temperature tests.

Compared to the market average, the space requirement is lower by 15%. An optimized size of the connectors allows for larger marking areas for better visibility and identification of circuits. With only two plug variants, socket inserts from two to 15 poles can be created without tools, reducing the stock of single connectors by up to 30%.

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