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The business unit Extreme of steute will present, among other things, the new belt misalignment switch "ZS 92 SR". It was created on the basis of the new "ZS 92 S" pull-wire emergency switch series, which can be used under adverse ambient conditions at temperatures from -40 ° to + 85 ° C.

This robust switching device monitors the running of belt conveyors. The large stainless steel roller lever registered when the tape is off-center, because it z. B. is loaded unevenly. It initiates - depending on the type of integration into the controller - a correction of the tape run or the stop of the belt system.

As outstanding novelty one can designate the individually adjustable switching points in the variant with staggered contacts. In this case, the switching points of the pre-warning and the shutdown can each be set in a range from 5 ° to 35 °. This is made possible by simply unlocking, moving and locking the switch inserts.

Belt misalignment switches almost always work under adverse conditions. The ZS 92 SR is set to this. Its aluminum die-cast housing is very robust and coated several times (passivation, primer, powder coating). The basic position of the roller lever can be infinitely adjusted and thus adapted to the individual application.

The compatible connection dimensions to both the predecessor model ZS 91 as well as to other commercially available belt-type underrun switches simplify the retrofitting of the new series of existing (conveyor) systems. Options include an LED indicator light. A variant for dust explosive atmospheres is in preparation.

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