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Omron has announced the launch of its NJ / NY series integrated controllers. With these new CNC-integrated controllers, the Sysmac platform has been extended by a CNC function. This enables high-precision complex profiling as well as an increase in the production capacity of processing machines.

The CNC-integrated controllers have CNC and PLC functions and synchronize both at high speed. In addition, the Sysmac Studio platform has been enhanced with CNC settings and G-code programming, providing the manufacturer with a true, fully integrated development environment (IDE) for configuration, programming, monitoring, and 3D simulation. The platform has function blocks for CNC, with which the program structure can be simplified. This allows synchronization of the CNC with other processes while reducing development time.

A single controller runs programs for PLC and CNC at a single control interval, which makes it possible to synchronize processes. The interlock time (latency during data transfer) between the CNC and other processes can be reduced by up to 75% compared to solutions with separate controllers. Versatile CNC functions such as 3D interpolation and position compensation enable high-precision, complex profiling. Thanks to the G-code function, CNC programs that are automatically created by the CAD / CAM software can be imported directly into the controller. This significantly reduces the time required to design and program complex profiling solutions.

CNC tuning and G code programming are now available in a fully integrated development environment (Sysmac Studio) for configuration, programming, monitoring and 3D simulation. Thus, programs for the processing machines can be developed and debugged with a single software. Thanks to function blocks for PLC function, motion control and NC, the program structure is simple and enables synchronization of the CNC with other processes. The intuitive user interface shortens the configuration time.
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