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The intelligent motion control solution from Elmo Motion Control can control up to four Inertial Platform Solutions (IPS), achieving very high synchronization and precision. The extremely small and robust solution combines the Motion Controller Platinum "Lion", the servo drives of the "Gold Bee" series as well as the software-in-the-loop (SIL) control software and the intuitive software tool "Application Studio II" (EAS II ).

The turnkey solution stands for easy and fast implementation in any application. The complete solution is used in commercial applications, industrial applications, agricultural applications, and harsh environment applications. It is used to stabilize high-resolution cameras, observation systems, communication devices, satellite or mobile antennas, satellite dishes for the Internet and television in airplanes, laser housings, etc. Inertial platforms are generally used on ships, yachts, unmanned aerial vehicles, autonomous vehicles and mobile ground vehicles.

The motion controllers support any feedback feature, including IMU's and gyroscopes, which greatly simplify and shorten the implementation. This eliminates the need to receive gyroscope or IMU signals from the servo drives. Instead, the IMU digital or analog signal is received at the motion controller and processed using the custom position and velocity equalization algorithms. Through communication via a fast EtherCAT, the motion controller transmits targeted, synchronized corrective actions to the ultra-compact and robust servo drives and motors. This ensures communication optimization and precise, reliable, and schedule-driven motion that is essential for highly sensitive stabilization. The IPS solution offers optimum stabilization and can be used in extreme environmental conditions with temperatures between -40 ° and + 70 ° C and altitudes up to 12 km as well as strong mechanical shocks or vibrations up to 14 GRMS.
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