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vahle0117Compared to stationary conveyor technology offer rail-transport vehicles such as electric monorails or skillets in large, spatially extensive production, as required in the automotive industry, significant advantages in speed and efficiency. With the mobile drive controls from the product range "Vdrive" considered Vahle all current and future demands on transport systems.

The control platform is available in DCS1 to 1,5 kW and DCSX to 7,5 kW series for single and multi-axis applications. The units are designed for combined use with the "Apos Optic" positioning system and the SMGM data transmission system. In addition to the control of the travel drive, additional functions such as motor holding brake control, data transfer and connection of external I / O periphery of the sensor / actuator level are provided.

An integrated OLED display shows the vehicle status. In addition, the controls can be moved if necessary via an infrared interface and a remote control in manual mode. The modular design of the control units ensures easy integration of customer-specific adaptations into the standard and worldwide short-term availability of spare parts. On the PLC side, system blocks are ready for integration into the PLC program. A major advantage over comparable systems is the simple integration into the power rail system of the provider: Thus, energy supply, data communication and position determination are available from a single source.
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