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Many image processing applications require increasingly tools for three-dimensional image processing. Stemmer Imaging, with its 3D tools from the Software library "Common Vision Blox" (CVB) As well as all of the appropriate hardware components for resolving 3D image processing tasks. The exact three-dimensional inspection and measurement of complex 3D freeform surface is one of the biggest challenges for the image processing and is suitable for all industries in which three-dimensional objects must be tested.

Such tasks usually employ established technologies based on laser triangulation, in which a laser line illuminates the test object to be measured. By means of an angular offset between the camera used and the laser line, height information about the test object can be calculated from the recorded image of the laser line. These are then coded in a so-called 2,5D-Range Map with the help of the associated gray value.

The CVB approach goes one step further and converts the range maps into point clouds. The following algorithm works on the basis of true 3D point clouds, which, in contrast to common 2,5D images, automatically compensates for positional and rotational deviations in all six degrees of freedom. Thus, it is not necessary to align or feed the test objects with high precision.

The detection of 3D deviations by means of CVB is realized after calibration via the CVB Match 3D tool. This CVB tool first calculates the spatial variation of the test object and then compares the result with the perfect 3D image of a good part, the so-called golden template. Even minor deviations can be detected in real time and allow a quick good / bad decision on the tested object. The 3D tools in CVB enable a processing speed that makes it possible to connect to modern, fast production lines. The manufacturer's 3D delivery program includes not only this software offering but also the hardware required, such as suitable fast 3D cameras, laser illuminators, optics, image capture cards, mountings, cables, etc.

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