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auvesy0415"Versiondog" from Auvesy is a vendor-independent solution for integrated and automated data management of project, configuration and process data in automation technology. More data transparency and safety in production plants and companies make the system an elementary component for predictive maintenance and maximum plant availability. Besides version 3.3.0, "Versiondog system status" presented.

Production plant at a glance

The compatible Versiondog software makes it easy to automatically secure data from all connected components from different manufacturers, to version and document software versions, and to efficiently manage them using systematic lifecycle management. In terms of predictive maintenance and maximum system availability, the system optimally supports the plant operator and machine manufacturer in the management of their device data.

With Versiondog system status, elementary system information such as memory utilization, battery status, cycle timeout, set force values, module / MLFB numbers or, in particular, the question of the installed hardware and firmware version on the PLC modules used can be easily retrieved and reconstructed via so-called control monitors. In the first step, the system status offers support for the Siemens S7 controller.

The web-based application enables location and device-independent access to the data prepared in tabular form. Unique here is the combined overview of information from the current data backup and device-specific information features such as:

  • Current status of the automatic archiving and monitoring jobs
  • the resulting comparison results or difference analysis with the current in the filed program version
  • Device-specific control monitors in order to be able to read and evaluate the technically relevant status of each device effectively and transparently.

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