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The first stepper motor controller in one 19-inch slide-in cassette Systec's "Xemo" motion control family already includes the new ARM processor, which will soon be used in all Xemo positioning controllers. Xemo Step continues the series of MCM step stepper motor controls and adds new technology options to the product features that were previously unavailable for Xemo controllers.

Xemo Step is 100% compatible with all stepper motor power stages that have been used with MCM Step before. Only a few program adjustments will be needed. Up to three stepper motor output stages can be controlled. In conjunction with the IPM 206 and 306 stepper motor power amplifiers, the controllers are also suitable for new automation projects. Because Xemo Step works without problems with many stepper motor output stages, the control module is suitable as an expansion or replacement for existing stepper motor systems.

The programming language is programmed "Motion Basic". The diagnostic software "Xemo GO" helps with commissioning. With the supplied Windows DLL, the controllers can also be programmed in other languages ​​such as C # or VBA. The graphical programming environment Labview can also be used.

The 32-bit ARM4 processor has two cortex cores each with 204 Mhz. The new control generation thus offers up-to-date, fast technology even for demanding control tasks.
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