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Etas0114The Internet of Things and Services is becoming more and more reality - even in networked embedded systems, such as machines and vehicles. Effective protection of systems with embedded software, also known as embedded security, is becoming an increasingly important competitive advantage. The Etas subsidiary Escrypt is on such comprehensive Embedded security solutions from consulting to series production.

When it comes to safety, the entire safety chain must always be considered. She is only as strong as her weakest member. For example, Embedded Security usually requires customized solutions that take into account both the specific application and the resource-constrained deployment environment.

An increasingly important area is the protection of software updates for automotive ECUs. Such a security system is now used by a leading company in the automotive industry as a comprehensive "Key Management Solution". The solution manages all necessary cryptographic keys and access permissions centrally in a secure location. For example, the authorized developers first identify themselves with a smart card before they can release a new software release using various state-of-the-art cryptographic signatures. In the field, the control unit uses the cryptographic key to check whether the software update originates from the manufacturer and whether it is still unchanged. Unauthorized manipulation or fake updates become virtually impossible. The customer can easily change or revoke developer privileges. An offline version also allows the use without Internet access, such as is required for test drives.

The key management solution can be operated entirely by the customer or as a "managed service" by the provider. The system is not limited to automotive applications or software updates, but can be used in many areas. Especially applications in the Internet of Things and Services benefit from this extra security.

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