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mitsubishi0114Mitsubishi Electric has the new control concept "Melsec iQ-R "first introduced in Europe. Compared to its predecessor, the Melsec System Q series, the new modular high-performance control system additionally reduces the development effort as well as the maintenance and operating costs. At the same time, it provides greater safety, smooth production processes and shorter service life with significantly increased performance and extensive functionalities.

A wide range of security features of the Melsec iQ-R, including an additional security hardware key, an IP-based access filter and user authentication, provide comprehensive intellectual property protection. Improved debugging and debugging capabilities allow increased time and cost savings during commissioning and maintenance. These features include the creation of operational history, error and event logs, simple diagnostics, high-speed acquisition of analog data, and an integrated database for secure recipe storage. The new programming software GX Works3, which is part of the integrated development environment iQ Works, offers among other things dynamic labels, parameterization instead of programming, the automatic creation of hardware function blocks as well as visual function blocks with HMI template, which can reduce the development effort as well as potential sources of error ,

The modular control concept increases plant productivity while reducing total cost of ownership. The modular multi-CPU system works even faster and more efficiently than its predecessor, using synchronized output modules and synchronized PLC and network scans. The optimized system design allows the integration of standard and safety controllers on one rack. There is also the option of connecting to open networks such as CC-Link, CC-Link IE Field, Profibus and Profinet. Furthermore, various integrated communication protocols are available to the user.

The PLC is equipped with a slot for SD cards. In addition, the parameters of the entire system, including intelligent modules and devices connected via CC-Link IE Field, can be saved on an SD card. The control via digital safety I / O modules and is fully backwards compatible, so that programs of the Q series can continue to be used. In addition, the terminal compatibility considerably reduces the wiring effort. During the year, the manufacturer launches the new Melsec iQ-R and gradually expands it.
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