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Systec1013"Xemo Motion Control "is always been very good for the control of CNC applications. Contour data can be transferred using the supplied software package G-code to the controller. Systec now presented for the first time the new Windows software "Xemo NC". Thus, complex CNC applications can be conveniently controlled via PC. The software is graphically oriented, ergonomically designed and memory saving.

It runs on a PC, which is connected via USB to any Xemo controllers. All required CNC functions are accessed via a single screen interface. The view is divided into six sections, which display everything you need, from the dimension view to the program listing and an input console to the tool list and system messages. The program is prepared for touch screen operation in a provided Panel PC and then offers a directly via the screen operable CNC keyboard.

The Xemo NC is very well suited for milling, cutting and welding applications where users want to combine the powerful Xemo controllers with a convenient CNC operation. In practice, contours are graphically designed in 2,5 dimensions on the PC, output in G-code and then loaded into Xemo NC. Xemo NC gives you direct access to the program, tools and machine.

Various operating modes of the software leave nothing to be desired: In set-up mode, contours can be precisely determined, tools can be created and changed, and the defined positions can be approached manually one at a time. The simulation mode moves the defined contours while idling. Here errors can be corrected directly without causing damage to the machine or components. The crazy tracks can be graphically reconstructed in three dimensional views. This also applies to the automatic mode in which the programmed application is finally executed.

By default, the controller offers the following program properties: Direct entry and execution of G code, import and edit G code directly, manual movement of axes, zero offset, tool management, various types of interpolation, graphic display of the lanes being driven.

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