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mitsubishi0813Success Story

The complexity of data management in the process industry and infrastructure industries is particularly high, with the same requirements over long distances and thousands of I / O points. An additional challenge for these application environments is often security. Special security and strict risk management processes are required. New concepts must first be extensively tested. The two eF @ ctory Alliance Partners Raima and Mitsubishi Electric have developed an effective solution for a mutual customer:

The task was to ensure the cost-effective, reliable and secure monitoring and tracking of many thousands of underground subway lines. For years, industrial control, process automation and transport industries have been dealing with the task of integrating efficient data management into their applications in compliance with the stringent safety and security requirements. This usually comes at a huge cost. In order to identify and avoid any possibility of a system failure in advance, comprehensive analyzes and tests as well as automation software are required. The two partners decided to build their solution on existing, proven concepts that were developed specifically for such applications and combined into one system.

Secure data management

Raima is an expert in secure data management with combinations of server, PC and embedded solutions that allow data to be scheduled and managed. Key features in the solution included ACID-based data replication and data encryption used in ATMs to ensure smooth, reliable data transfer, as well as a networked database approach with predictable speed effects. In addition, the system architecture was designed as a shared database, meaning that small local databases (based on RDMe) should be embedded in the local PLC.

Distributed data management

Mitsubishi Electric's PLC systems have proven reliable and safe in many applications. When the issues surrounding distributed data management came up in discussions with Raima, Mitsubishi Electric could immediately offer the right platform - the "iQ Platform". The question was how to bring a fully operational database into a non-PC environment without compromising the reliability and security of an industrial PLC. The iQ Platform combines a PLC with a programmable automatic control. The iQ Platform C controller is ideally suited to host the Raima RDM-embedded database, as it integrates seamlessly with the PLC control function via the iQ Platform. The C controller has industrial reliability, high environmental integrity and a complete C environment, making it unaffected by common PC security issues. The combination of these two core technologies gave the railway operator a safe and reliable system.

System security and operability

But that was not the end of the project. In collaboration with Green Hills Software, another eF @ ctory Alliance Partner, Raima and Mitsubishi Electric have expanded system security and functionality. To do so, they changed the operating system of the central main database server into the Green Hills "Integrety RTOS". This real-time operating system has a "separation kernel architecture". This allows a server to be set up with multiple secure partitions that can host real-time applications and / or guest operating systems on a server. The central Raima database was also hosted in one of these secure partitions. This has created a verifiable system solution. The result is a highly reliable server with distributed, reliable field controllers connected through an appropriate database, ensuring all security and industrial performance requirements.

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