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systec0513Systec has retooled its control programming language. New commands and more ease of use the new version 6.5 of the development environment Motion Basic IDE. With the Motion Basic version, the changed computer architectures and the requirements of the users have been taken into account to make the constantly increasing complexity of the problems more manageable. Motion Basic now works with the 64 bit version of Windows 7. Significantly improved support for serial and USB interfaces.

Have been revised debuggers and online help. Source code can now be compiled with conditions using #if, #else and #endif. User-defined data types make programs clearer and more readable.

The development team has concentrated on numerous new commands and options as well as an even clearer look and feel for Motion Basic 6.5. The programming editor comes up with a redesigned, colored syntax highlighting. Long program commands can be clearly arranged with the help of the underscore.

For example, the Motion Basic 6.5 command library has been enhanced with the jerk and jerkms instructions for jerk limiting the acceleration history. The access rights to program objects can now be controlled with the instructions "private" and "public". Demanding motion functionalities can be programmed almost intuitively in just a few lines. It is just as easy to set digital inputs and outputs of a drive system.

The diagnostic software Xemo! GO displays the states of Xemo control and operating software and is part of every Motion Basic IDE. When installing Motion Basic 6.5, an existing Xemo! GO version automatically detected and integrated. With Xemo! When setting up a drive system, users keep an eye on all inputs and outputs, end and reference switches, peripheral devices and engine-specific settings. Almost all system states can be changed online via the software interface to test the perfect tuning of the drive system.

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