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mitsubishi0313For system monitoring and troubleshooting, it has hitherto been necessary in sophisticated automation systems with complex SFC programs, multiple motion controllers and servo axes to produce individual PC connections to every control component. This procedure is time consuming and cumbersome. With the HMI of the GOT1000 series supplies Mitsubishi Electric an efficient, convenient solution that allows complete system monitoring to be conveniently performed from one position.

The SFC sequence language allows the programming of state-of-the-art systems, but troubleshooting such complex programs can be difficult. The HMI of the GOT1000 series can be used to monitor SFC programs that are integrated into the PLC and Motion CPU of the "IQ Platformand the PLC of the "Melsec L" series.The HMI displays a block of data and also marks the currently active step, so that the complete system status is visible at a glance, and the SFC program automatically tracks the progress of each active steps.

The GOT can access up to three IQ Platform Motion Controllers connected via a common PLC backplane bus. This allows operators to monitor the running program and also quickly and easily adjust parameter settings. Basic and parameter settings of connected servo amplifiers can be changed by the user via the GOT. In addition, the system can be monitored, alarms and display set up, as well as diagnostic and test runs.

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