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asco0213Usually Schrägsitzventile be equipped with a pneumatic drive. As a result, compressed air is needed as the control medium in conjunction with a pilot valve to actuate such valves. Not so with the electric motor operated Schrägsitzventilen of Asco Numatics, These can be used wherever there are no compressed air networks.

The low power consumption of the 12 W motor, which is only needed during the opening or closing process, provides another advantage. When the end position is reached (open or closed), no energy consumption occurs. Angle seat valves have up to 40% higher flow than a straight seat design. In conjunction with a motor drive results in a very positive overall energy balance. Even with respect to solenoid valves, motor-operated valves have a much more favorable energy balance, since solenoid valves in the open position must be constantly energized, while motor valves only need power during the adjustment process.

If pneumatically actuated angle seat valves are operated as control valves, a position controller must be integrated or assembled. This is not necessary with an engine valve. With the motor drive can be stopped in any opening or closing position. Thus, a flow control is easy to implement. In the event of a power failure, the engine valve retains its last-used position (Fails-Safe).

An integrated 360 ° LED display is used for position monitoring. Due to the stainless steel housing and the design, the motor valve can also be operated with aggressive and polluted media. High quality materials give a long life. The motor valve is available in connection sizes G3 / 8 "-G1 / 2" and G3 / 4 "as well as in the voltages 24 VDC, 24 VAC and 230 VAC.

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