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reichelt0113Programmable components have become indispensable in modern control systems. Conitec's "Galep" 5D programmers Reichelt electronics a professional solution for fast, almost universal programming of these components. The universal programming devices support more than 62.000 components

such as Eeproms, microcontrollers, NV-RAM flash memory and modules with JTAG port. With up to 240 pin drivers, the devices of the Galep series are among the fastest programmers on the market. In addition, the only 750 g devices are equipped with a USB and LAN interface with an SD card slot, so they are also ideal for mobile use. There are the Galep 5D models with 60, 120 or 240 pins.

The programming and communication of the wallet-sized programmer is handled by an internal 200 MIPS ARM-9 processor under Linux, which controls up to 240 Pintreiber via four FPGAs. A MB91F467 microcontroller from Fujitsu (8 MBit) goes through z. Eg in only 19 s a programming / verify cycle and an 256 MBit NOR Flash can be programmed and verified in 170 s. The internal, 64 MByte large RAM stores the data even for more complex components.

The extremely fast professional programming devices of the Galep-5D series are just some of the 1000 novelties of the current Reichelt catalog.

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