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rockwell1212To meet the demand for flexible and ultra-small programmable logic controllers, Rockwell Automation introduces the new Allen-Bradley Micro850 controller and advanced Micro830 controller. Both controllers are suitable for a wide range of applications and have built-in motion functions for up to three axes.

The Micro850 PLC features the same form factor, plug-in module support, command, data set, and motion capabilities as the Micro830 controllers with 24 and 48 I / O points. It also provides Ethernet and I / O extensions. Especially geared to OEM requirements, it is suitable for use in stand-alone machines. For the more powerful connection to HMI (Human-Machine Interfaces) it has a built-in Ethernet port. The Ethernet / IP protocol with CIP Symbolic support is used for simplified connection to the Allen-Bradley PanelView Component HMI. The tags created when configuring the HMI screens can easily reference variable names in the Allen-Bradley Micro800 program.

The Micro850 controller has built-in I / O flexibility. Since up to five plug-in modules are supported, the functionality of the controller can be adjusted by additional I / O, special functions and serial ports, without increasing the size of the controller. If you need more I / O or more powerful analog I / O, the Micro850 supports up to four I / O expansion modules, including densely populated digital I / Os and high-precision analog I / Os. Overall, 132 digital I / O points are possible.

Both controllers also support up to three motion axes with pulse outputs for stepper motor or servo drives. Users can use intuitive motion function blocks such as Home, Move Velocity, Move Absolute or Move Relative for easy control of individual axes. For applications requiring precise and fast positioning, the Touch Probe function block provides dedicated hardware for accurate position registration.

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