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koco1212koco Motion presents his new Stepper motor control DM805-AI with analog speed input up to 5 A rated current. It has been designed for applications such as conveyor and belt drives where stepper motors have different speeds up to a maximum speed of 25 s-1 must drive exactly, without being driven by an external clock generator.

Supply voltages up to 80 V and adjustable phase currents up to 5 amps allow the use of stepper motors with a flange size up to 86 x 86 mm (NEMA 34) and with torques of more than 10 Nm.

The microstep resolutions, the motor current and the various operating modes can be selected via DIP switches. Even with a setting for low microstep resolutions, up to 512 microsteps are used. As a result, very good running properties are achieved and, especially at slow speeds as a direct drive without gear a very good synchronization.

In the operating modes, in addition to the classic cycle / direction mode, two different speeds and the acceleration ramp, that is, the engine ramping up to the set speed, can be set. The two speeds are then selected via appropriate inputs and approached. In addition, a speed reference can be generated via a potentiometer or an external analog voltage from 0 ... 5 V DC, with which the motor speed can be infinitely adjusted. Depending on the mode, it either rotates only with the two preset speeds via the switches or digital inputs or steplessly adjustable via the analog input.

An even more extensive parameterization with very extensive tuning functions such as resonance suppression and offset settings allows the RS232 serial interface if it is configured via the "ProTuner" software.

The DM805-AI stepper motor control is already available in small quantities from stock.

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