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esr0912SPS IPC Drives Hall 4, 300 Stand

ESR Pollmeier represents a new generation of his digital servo controller before: with more processor power, Profinet and a universal interface for all motor position encoders. They offer better control units that, for example, ensure greater synchronization accuracy, but also bring benefits in particularly dynamic applications.

With the new hardware, there are devices with Profinet interface as an alternative to Ethercat, CANopen or Profibus-DP for the first time. The servo drives thus cover the most important communication interfaces in the field of industrial Ethernet and field buses and can be combined with a large number of controllers and operator terminals.

Simplified is also the choice of motor position sensor, because the devices of the new generation are equipped with universal connectors, which no longer require to specify the positioner type in advance. In addition to resolvers and high-resolution incremental encoders, optical, inductive and capacitive position encoders with Hiperface, Endat or Biss interfaces are supported.

From the digital servo controllers with integrated safety technology as well as servomotors, torque motors or linear motors, the manufacturer creates tailor-made drive packages that are equally suitable for multi-axis solutions as for single axles. Simple applications can be realized cost-effectively with the positioning controller integrated in the servo drive or, for example, by connecting a Raspberry Pi.

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