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systec10912Success Story

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When basketball star Dirk Nowitzki about the beautiful shapes and exact gold deposits his "championship ring" would also control technology from Systec has done something for the well being of the layup-giant. The ring was given to him after the second last season to winning the U.S. Basketball Championship. Gemstone supplier to the ring was the Herbert Stephan KG. The company specializes in the production of all kinds of honor rings for the U.S. market. More than 60 MCM controls from Systec help with the brilliant work.

Systec newest member of the equipment fleet of Herbert Stephan KG Frauenberg near Idar-Oberstein is a "Xemo R" compact control for stepper motors. She is the heart of the processing center for the master templates for gold deposits. Connected to it is a conventional milling machine, the control and software specialist Karl-Otto Purple has expanded with stepper motors and computer technology to 3D automatic cutter. Modeling software used is the "Rhinoceros" with the plugin "MAdCAM", which has developed software Filou GmbH.

Graphic three-dimensional lattice models

systec20912Shapes and patterns can be designed graphically as three-dimensional lattice models to a computer workstation and then easily transferred in the form of G-codes via the interface to the RS232 Xemo control. This sets the position information directly into movement commands and controls the milling machine that mills will automatically desired shapes into a aluminum block.

"We have the production of the master template previously controlled by a MCM control module and additional power electronics," explained the jewelry specialists, "as the control components had to be replaced, we first consider to expand one of our existing larger machining centers for these tasks. The Software update for this would be much too expensive. The current solution has only 20 percent "cost of that enjoy the professionals.

Power units integrated into control

Convinced the company is also the first Xemo control that has been found in the maze of companies building their home: "With a little additional investment we have received in comparison to the previously used by us MCM control modules more power and greater comfort." Performance parts must not be connected in addition, because they are built into the compact controller. With the controls, the technicians can proceed directly to the system by hand. Important parameters to keep using the software "Xemo Go!" Direct view.

systec40912SYSTECS control developers Klaus-Gerd Schoeler pleased each time through so satisfied customers, including the southwest German jewelry companies. "That was exactly our approach," he remembers the development of the Systec Controls and related programming MotionBasic, "We have MotionBasic integrates the concepts of drive and motion control in a simple syntax, designed the interface so open that our customers can access the Motion Basic potentials very individual. " Just the possibility of G-Code export through other user programs is often resorted. "Similarly, using a stud welding equipment manufacturers, our control when its automated welding processes," says Scholer.

The compatibility of the Systec technology in their machinery the Herbert Stephan KG perceives as important product advantage. Even the short wire to the specialists in Münster is well received. Recently, when the data provision by an external software not worked as intended, and finally came the quick helpful tip from Systec team. On the response to a support request with the software manufacturer is however still waiting.

Trees shake 'you

With gold come into contact with the milled Systec Technology aluminum stencils not incidentally. So-called "castings" from a wax-like material can be produced. Several of these, such as injection molded objects are looking for a "tree" put together, which in turn is covered with a hardening material. After removing the wax is a perfect negative of the "little tree" left. This is filled with gold.

The resulting gold patterns are now gently driven by ultrasound in the synthetic stone. The MCM-control modules are back to grinding in the game, such as when the stone is polished smooth with the inserted gold casting needs. To the perfect piece of jewelry in female mountain so a lot of know-how used. Systec is in very many steps there.

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