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distrelec0912With a new Android app, the "Crouzet Millenium 3 "small controller by Distrelec monitor and remotely control via Bluetooth from your smartphone or tablet PC. The easy-to-program Logic Controller Millenium 3 offers a high level of operating convenience. The app available for download on Google Play is available in Lite and Standard versions.

The free lite version provides a representation of the complete control panel of the controller directly on the smartphone or tablet. The chargeable standard version also allows full programming and control of the Millenium 3 controller via Bluetooth. Free versions of both apps for Windows XP and Windows 7-compatible PCs and tablets are also available.

All control parameters can be quickly, easily and easily adjusted or corrected. Running applications can be monitored directly from a short distance and corrected immediately if necessary. Control via Bluetooth also makes it easy to access controllers installed in hard-to-reach places. In addition, the virtual display on the smartphone offers a cost-effective upgrade to the "blind" versions of the Millennium 3 controller, which are not equipped with their own display.

To use the Android app, the app only needs to be downloaded to the smartphone via Google Play and a Millenium 3 Bluetooth key must be connected to the controller. The connection to the controller is automatically established via Bluetooth as soon as the app is started on the smartphone or tablet.

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