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distec0812With "Artista GUI", Distec introduces a new Human Machine Interface (HMI) controller, which allows to extend simple controls with TFT displays. The programming of the GUI (Graphical User Interface) is done via a WYSIWYG interface designer and the scripting language QT-Quick. The communication protocol is the robust and field-proven Modbus RTU.

If, in the course of product modernization, machines or devices are to be equipped with a modern graphical user interface, this is normally only possible with extensive changes to the control electronics, according to the manufacturer. The microcontroller used would usually have no graphical interfaces and a complete change of the machine control would be complicated and expensive. This is where the newly developed controller for the GUI extension comes in. To provide simple machine controls without extensive redesign yet with a graphical user interface and touch, the vendor has developed the Artista GUI graphics controller.

The Artista GUI is serially connected to the existing machine control via the widely used Modbus RTU protocol and can thus transmit commands and read data for display. The already existing controller can thus continue to be used without restrictions. The small and easy to integrate 105 x 90 mm package supports LCD panels up to 800 x 600 (SVGA) resolution with 18 / 24 bit LVDS or TTL interface. A controller for 4-Wire resistive touch sensors is already integrated on the module. However, P-CAP touches can also be connected. Further product features are the integrated LED backlight driver, the power supply via 12 V DC and an SD card for the application programs. Programming the GUI is easy via a WYSIWYG editor and the scripting language QT Quick. Data such as commands or measured values ​​are exchanged serially via the Modbus RTU protocol between the machine control and the GUI.

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