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distrelec0612With the Logic Controllers of the series "Millenium 3" from Crouzet Distrelec a powerful small controller on offer, with which a wide range of automation tasks can be implemented user-friendly, fast and cost-effectively. Thanks to intuitive operation and programming, automating processes with this small controller is very easy.

For a better distinction of the areas of application Crouzet offers its small control in the two variants "Essential" and "Smart". The numerous functions of the Smart version predestine the controller for advanced, more complex applications and make it the heart of the series. The device is equipped with an integrated blue display with four lines, which provides the user with all important information. On the front, the controller is equipped with programmable buttons that allow you to quickly set up an ergonomic and customized operator interface for direct communication. "This allows access to all key functions while minimizing the risk of operator error. For application-specific functions, the Millenium 3 Smart offers up to 76 memory slots. The storage capacity is 700 blocks.

The small controller is available in different versions as a starter kit complete with software and USB cable - directly from stock within 24 h. In addition, extensive accessories such as logic, communication and expansion modules are available.

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