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rockwell0512Rockwell Automation introduces a new family of distributed motor controls. Allen-Bradley's "Armor Start LT" allows machine builders to offer their customers a compact, decentralized motor control system that attaches directly to the machine, easily and without a housing, and can be quickly connected to the corporate network.

The decentralized motor controls offer the advantages of a machine-oriented architecture. The fully developed system is easier to wire, accelerates picking and reduces the need for additional space in the control cabinet.The connection of Armor Start LT via Ethernet / IP improves the exchange of crucial information about the performance of the machine and the condition of the components. At the same time, the operators have access to parameters, status messages and diagnostic information regardless of their location.

Due to its size and weight, the ArmorStart LT family is very well suited for most general applications in conveyor technology and is easier to install on or near the conveyor system or the machine. A typical application is the coordination of motorized conveyor systems, such as those used in material transport and packaging applications as well as other types of warehouse distribution systems.

Installation is further simplified by the dual-port Ethernet / IP switch technology of the decentralized motor controls, which supports the DLR network topology (device-level ring). DLR-based networks reduce configuration time and costs by minimizing the number of managed switches and the lower cabling requirements. Users can create a DLR network that connects all components locally at the device level. This allows information to be seamlessly and in real time passed to different levels of an organization without the need for additional complexity. If real-time information is available at the right time and at the right levels of a manufacturing environment, a company's agility can be significantly improved.

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