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Rockwell Automation has significantly expanded the portfolio of its smaller architecture Integrated Architecture control platform with a family of Compact Logix controllers, compact Kinetix servo drives, scalable I / O, Panel View Plus 6 visualization and simplification tools.

The centerpiece of the expanded range of solutions is the Allen-Bradley Compact Logix Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) L1, L2 and L3, which use the same configuration, network and visualization environment as the Control Logix-based systems. This enables machine builders to access the performance and features such as Integrated Motion via Ethernet / IP for servo drives and frequency converters. This provides you with a uniform network, an integrated development environment and a fully integrated motion control portfolio.

The three models are available from the L1 series. The L1 PACs provide a variety of storage, expansion, and remote control options. The ERM variant also offers the option of controlling two axes with CIP Motion via Ethernet / IP. The L2 series also offers three models: These have more memory than the L1 series, are equipped with special I / O and more extensive remote control capabilities. The L27ERM can also control up to four axes with CIP Motion via Ethernet / IP. The L3 series finally includes the three models: It offers even more memory than the L2 series, more extensive I / O module capabilities and even more options for remote control operation. There are also three models with the ability to control 4, 8 or 16 axes with CIP Motion via Ethernet / IP.

The RS Logix 5000 design and configuration software provides a seamless development environment for the Rockwell Automation integrated architecture system, including the recently introduced midrange portfolio. This expanded range of options provides tailored alternatives for the individual applications, while the new components significantly reduce the cost of developing an automation solution.

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