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A protective fence with one or more protective doors for service purposes, an emergency stop button with reset function, a safety light curtain for material supply: robot workstations usually use several different safety switching devices. Each switching device requires a separate safety relay module. Presented as a space-saving alternative Schmersal his now Safety Compact Control "Protect Select".

With 18 safe inputs, Protect Select offers the possibility of monitoring all common safety switching devices such as emergency stop buttons, safety switches and locks, safety switching mats and optoelectronic protective devices. Four safe semiconductor outputs and two safe relay outputs are available on the output side. For each of these outputs, the user can individually set the Stop 0 or Stop 1 functionality via the display menu. In addition, four optional signal outputs ensure flexible integration of the control in the application environment.

The user can use all of this without having to have programming knowledge. Because the compact safety controls can be adapted to the individual application - without programming - using the menu guidance via the plain text display. That applies e.g. B. for the free assignment of feedback circuits (EDM) and the activation of functions such as start-up testing, cyclical testing or auto-start.

The starting point of the configuration is formed by four application programs, of which program 3 is particularly suitable for applications in robotics. It can evaluate the signals from up to 6 safety switching devices. It also offers the option of assigning a separate reset function to one of the safety switching devices. This means that extensive security areas with several protective doors, each monitored by safety switching devices, can be conveniently configured.

Even more complex safety-related tasks in robotics and handling technology such as additional operating modes (set-up mode, process monitoring) or the feeding of material through the danger zone without stopping the machine (muting) can be easily implemented with the safety controller. A Protect Select module replaces up to 8 safety relay modules (up to PL e or SIL 3). Thanks to the width of only 52,5 mm, the module also saves space in the control cabinet.

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