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National Instruments Announces the Launch of Four New Single-Board Embedded Systems from the Product Platform "NI single-board RIOThey feature a real-time processor, Spartan 6 FPGA, analog and digital I / O, and multiple integrated peripheral ports for custom embedded monitoring and control applications.

The systems allow the use of commercial FPGA and real-time processor technology thanks to the Labview development environment for Graphical System Design. In addition, customization, which is so common for embedded applications in mass production, is ensured through a connector for RIO mezzanine cards. The connector allows direct access to the pins of the FPGA (Digital I / O) and has processor-specific functions to connect custom expansion cards. The Single-Board RIO product platform makes it easy to implement an embedded system from the ground up by allowing developers to focus on the actual tasks and the custom part of an application, such as an application. As the I / O, can concentrate.

With the systems and customization of I / O through in-house development, engineers can reduce the time to market of a custom-off-the-shelf (COTS) component-based system, leveraging the best of both worlds. In addition, the devices provide integrated analog I / O, allowing users to develop their own custom boards, as well as NI's years of analogue experience. The low-cost, small form factor, integrated I / O, real-time processor and FPGA of the RIO embedded system are ideal platforms for embedded monitoring and control applications. They thus enable high-performance solutions in sectors such as medical or energy technology.

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