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BR0212The Software library of Bernecker + Rainer, B + R for high-precision and robust control of winding processes encompassed by Zugspannungssteuerung Drehmomentaufprägung Tension and in a closed circuit by return of the measurement value, or use one dancer '.

By automatically adapting the speed controller parameters of the drive and the pre-controls for speed and acceleration, a stable tension is ensured even in acceleration and braking phases. In combination with an exact estimate of the winding diameter, a new dimension in precision and robustness is achieved.

This technology is required, for example, for the high-quality printing of ultra-thin and highly elastic foils and contributes to an increase in the efficiency of such a machine park. The area of ​​application is not limited to printing machines, but includes all industrial winding processes, for example wire saws, winding of sheet metal, textiles, etc.

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