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The Control "ITNC 530"Today has a permanent place in tool and mold making as well as in production plants. In order to be able to operate machines, which offer not only milling but also a turning function Heidenhain developed the TNC 640. First milling Machine control It is optionally equipped with functions for turning on milling machines.

This means that complete machining can now also be carried out with these controls. The user programs all program steps for turning in plain text as he is used to milling. The turning functionality was based on existing know-how: Many cycles that made the turning controls of the manufacturer successful are now in the new TNC 640. The optimized user interface gives a better overview when programming, the functions are better represented and that Displays status indicators more clearly.

The TNC 640 also introduces a new control design. In the future, the TNC and also the "Manual plus" and "CNC Pilot" rotary controls will be delivered in a modern stainless steel design. The keyboard surface and the screen frame have been prepared so that finger tappers have no chance and cleaning is easy. What is striking is the new 19-inch color flat screen, which is standard on the TNC 640 and optional on the ITNC 530.

For the touch probes, the new TS 460 and TT 460 are the first devices to be presented in which the switching signal is transmitted either via infrared or radio transmission - without having to change devices. The user has the advantages of a very large range (radio) and fast signal transmission (infrared).

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