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now comes with a servo controller on the market, thus expanding the division mechatronic drive technology further. A universally accepted concept Blank amplifier without sacrificing functionality, components together under maximum efficiency.

An integrated multi-tasking PLC has a rich technology library, which in addition to standard programs also special applications and customized special solutions. Multitasking is the ability of a system to handle multiple tasks virtually simultaneously. In CPM, three programs can control multiple processes simultaneously and completely autonomously.

Intelligent solutions can be realized with time-critical applications in particular. For example, in the first program, the control of the motion sequence could be realized, while in the second program a collision monitoring is programmed. In the third program, control algorithms could independently ensure that the entire system is operated by constant monitoring of physical variables such as temperature, speed and position at the optimum operating point. The connection to higher-level control systems is ensured via Profibus. This means that each control can be addressed and monitored separately. Likewise, a synchronization of multiple controllers is possible.

"Our goal is the optimized overall process. It can only be achieved if we master all disciplines and influence corresponding factors, "says Wolfram Stahl, Division Manager Mechatronics at SPN. "The optimum linking of the individual tasks of mechanics, electronics and software is a top priority here."

Highly dynamic servo technology requires fast control electronics

The use of highly dynamic servo drives can only be operated with equally fast control technology. All practically relevant components are integrated in this control. Open interfaces provide flexibility. All standard encoder systems can be used via a universal interface. All standard brushless servomotors can be operated up to a maximum number of poles of 50. A data sheet of the motor is sufficient for the parameterization. The device has a wide range input from 1x40 VAC to 3x480VAC.

Drives must be optimally adjusted to the conditions and parameterized. Therefore, all allocation plans and the programming software for feedback systems are freely accessible. With the online scope, the device offers a tool that displays the analysis of the complete drive train in real time on the computer. In this way, the user is optimally informed about every condition. Accelerations, speeds or jerk values ​​are thus easy to handle. Since the movement sequence can be controlled and changed at any time, complex and optimized movement sequences can be realized.

Mechatronic drive solutions from SPN can be used in all areas of mechanical and plant engineering. In addition to special gearboxes, the drive specialists also realize motors with customer-specific characteristics. Applications can be found in textile, packaging and machine tools, in the food industry, medical technology, switch technology, in handling equipment and in plant engineering.

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