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"Jumo Mtron T" is the new measurement, control and automation system Jumo with consistently matched components. The modular system is with its universal I / O modules, the flexible connection system and the extensive communication, analysis and automation software in different industries use.

The system also offers high measurement accuracy and control quality as well as a robust and service-friendly mechanism. The safety aspect was in the foreground during the engineering process. All inputs of the multi-channel controller module and the analog input module 4 channel are galvanically isolated. For the user, this means a safe and interference-resistant detection of his measured values.

The recorded measurement data can be easily visualized by software and then archived for further purposes tamper-proof. From measurement data acquisition to archiving, the user has no security gaps in the recording and automation process. Another safety aspect that has been considered is the proven and self-sufficient regulation. Jumo Mtron T can simultaneously control up to 30 modular multi-channel controller modules per CPU, 120 autonomous control loops. This means that in the case of a CPU stop, the control loops continue to reliably fulfill their control task.

In the event of failure of a multi-channel control module, this can be replaced without much effort by means of plug-and-play, so that the process is not exposed to long downtimes. The Jumo control algorithm completes the requirements for a reliable system. By activating the soft-PLC "Codesys V3", the cross-functional overall solution can be individually extended to a complete and powerful automation system. The system is suitable for applications in the food industry, in furnace construction up to use in mechanical engineering.

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