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BeckhoffPreviously two separate systems for measurement technology and automation were required, so Beckhoff offers "Scientific Automation"Now a unified platform that combines both functionalities. The Scientific Automation modular system is supplemented by high-precision measurement technology I / O terminals and assemblies for energy monitoring. The growing demands of high-end measurement technology in terms of bandwidth and real-time communication can be fulfilled with Ethercat, the real-time Ethernet system, with sufficient power reserves.

Due to their low measurement error, the EtherCAT terminals can also be used in the field of high-end measurement technology. The recorded measurement data are transported to the industrial PC with accurate time stamps. The high resolution ensures that even the smallest deviations can be corrected exactly. Beckhoff presents high-precision EtherCAT terminals for these metrological applications. The low measurement error improves the quality of the signal acquisition. The high resolution improves the control quality, especially when smallest deviations are to be corrected exactly. New are high-precision thermocouple and weighing terminals.

The spectrum of energy monitoring is extended by a new power measuring terminal. Higher voltages, isolated current inputs and harmonic analysis make the EL3413 a cost-optimized tool for easy grid monitoring and analysis. The EL3773 EtherCAT Terminal is designed as a mains monitoring terminal for the status detection of an 3-phase AC voltage network. The six channels are simultaneously measured according to the Ethercat oversampling principle with a time resolution up to 100 μs and passed on to the control. With the computing power available there, true RMS or power calculations as well as complex user-specific algorithms can be calculated via the voltage and current characteristics.

The basis for Scientific Automation lies in the steadily increasing performance of PC processors. Thus, a central PC control can take on additional tasks in addition to the classic control functions. On the hardware side, Beckhoff offers a large selection of robust IPCs: from a compact Embedded PC with integrated I / O terminal connection to a high-performance PC with multi-core processors.

The new software generation "Twincat 3" integrates an active multicore support and offers extended possibilities for the simulation of machines and plants. By integrating Matlab / Simulink, machines and plant simulations can be easily created and tested in real time with the PLC and Motion. Matlab / Simulink is also great for designing and optimizing controllers and filters.

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