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siemensThe Sinumerik 828D Basic M complements the Siemens Drive Technologies Division Their product range for the CNC compact class. The company now offers a CNC entry-level version with a precise cut on standard milling machines with high performance, accuracy and availability. The robust and precise CNC was developed for worldwide use. As an entry-level CNC into the compact class, it is suitable for standardized milling machines with up to five axes / spindles.

The screen, keyboard and CNC electronics form a unit that requires only a few interfaces and cables, thus offering maximum availability. Thanks to a new magnesium die-cast control panel, the new Siemens CNC is extremely reliable even under harsh operating conditions. Wear parts such as fans, hard disk and battery are omitted, which makes the control maintenance-free.

Modern processor technology and software architecture are the basis of 80-bit NanoFP accuracy (80 bit floating-point inaccuracy). On the software side, accuracy values ​​in the range of one tenth of a micrometer can be achieved. The achievable in practice precision is thus not limited control technology, but is determined by the possibilities of mechanical milling machine components. In addition to the high level of accuracy, the Sinumerik 828D Basic M can also be used very flexibly, as it can perform mold-making operations in addition to a large number of drilling and milling processes. In order to achieve the speed and surface quality required for this, the Sinumerik 828D Basic M includes the Sinumerik MDynamics technology package, known from the 840D high-end controllers, with the intelligent motion control "Advanced Surface". With Sinumerik Operate, the Basic-M variant also has a comfortable CNC user interface, with which programming as well as set-up procedures can be carried out safely and intuitively.

A special feature is the "Easy Message" function. This way, the employee responsible for the machine is kept up to date via SMS on all essential process data of the production. If a machine requires new blanks or a milling cutter reaches the end of its service life, the controller can send the corresponding information. In line with the new CNC, Siemens offers Sinamics S120 Combi, a multi-axis drive module that, just like the CNC control, is tailored to the needs of compact standard machines.

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