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SiemensThe Profinet functionality of its Simatic S7 300-and-S7-400 controller has the Siemens Industry Automation Division extend the functionality Shared Device, Intelligent Device (I-Device) and Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP). This allows for easier system configuration, for example in failsafe applications, leaner and more flexible topology architectures with multiple networked controllers and higher plant availability. The new firmware also provides enhanced diagnostic functions via user-defined Web pages and supports isochronous mode via Profinet.

With Shared Device, several Simatic controllers access a Profinet I / O (input / output) device, such as a distributed I / O system. This allows simpler system configurations, for example in fail-safe applications. Standard CPU and fail-safe CPU can now use the same distributed I / O system.

Intelligent Device (I-Device) allows I / O communication of a CPU to other higher-level or centralized controllers. Until now, only hierarchical access from a central CPU to a subordinate I / O device was possible. With I-Device, the topology architecture of several networked controllers can be made leaner and more flexible. For example, the connection of controllers from multiple projects and the integration of Siemens controllers with controllers from other manufacturers within a communication network are simplified.

The Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) increases system availability. For this purpose, the network infrastructure is initially installed redundantly in a ring topology, for example via Industrial Ethernet switches or via the integrated Profinet interfaces of the Simatic controllers and distributed I / O systems. If the communication in one part of the ring installation is interrupted, only this section is affected without a complete system shutdown. This allows maintenance and repair work to be carried out without time pressure. The MRP protocol ensures a reconfiguration time within 200 ms.

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