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MitsubishiThe encapsulated batch control of the C batch of Mitsubishi Electric provides an optimal solution when data is to be processed in a secure room. C Batch is based on a Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) system, eliminating the need to switch between a PC-based batch server and industrial-grade hardware. This solution is not based on a PC-based operating system, such as Microsoft Windows and therefore does not have the known virus problems. It was developed in cooperation with the competence center for the process industry INEA.

The recipe-based process control of batches is much easier to handle, without sacrificing demanding performance and abstraction capabilities. Without having to leave the secure PAC environment, the C Batch provides facilities for creating and managing recipes, creating batches and controlling their execution, automatically executing recipes and running multiple recipes simultaneously. In addition to the features expected of a PC-based batch control software, the C Batch offers several additional system benefits to improve productivity, safety and process optimization.

Support for the industry-standard S88.01 reduces the complexity of custom software development and its cost. The C batch software completely transfers the batch execution, the connection to the process and the basic process control to the PAC control. Only the uncritical generation and editing of recipes is performed on a PC. The operating interface is the batch-view software that runs on GOT operator panels from Mitsubishi Electric. The modern, user-friendly Batch Suite offers standardized, open interfaces to other solutions such as Reports, Historian. C Batch is especially interesting for companies for whom batch systems have been too complex and expensive and still want to take advantage of the S88 standard.

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