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SchmersalWith the newly developed series "Protect Select"The Schmersal Group is presenting a safety compact controller that can be configured without programming knowledge and without manufacturer-specific parameterization. Nevertheless, the user has extensive possibilities to adapt the controller to his requirements. Because he has a large number of preconfigured, practical programs at his disposal, from which he can simply select the one that suits his application - hence the name "Select".

The selection of the program is done directly on the device, in a short dialog by means of a toggle button and a display, via which you can also retrieve extensive diagnostic information quickly. 18 safe digital and two safe analog inputs can be interconnected in a variety of ways via a total of twelve available typical safety programs and assigned to the six safe outputs. Thus, the procedure is most comparable to a wiring plan. Application-specific settings such as the determination of the sensor signal at the corresponding input (potential-free or potential-dependent) or a required deceleration time at a specific output can be assigned to the display via a dialog function.

It is possible to safely evaluate two analog input signals. Upper and lower limits can be specified for this analog value; Deviations from the defined areas are then processed accordingly in the safety program. Both the 18 digital inputs and the six safe outputs meet in pairs the requirements for PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1. The two analog inputs are suitable for applications up to PL d.

In addition to the basic version of the controller, which requires only 52,5 mm width in the control cabinet, there is a "wireless" version with a handset that communicates with the controller via an integrated secure wireless link in the worldwide non-linz-free 2,4 GHz band.

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