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After several years of entry into the semiconductor technology market, Rexroth is now ready to demonstrate its special added value for the industry with its control solutions. With his open Motion Control solution NYCe4000 is a highly accurate and compact controller with integrated actuators.

The "drives and motion" specialist is particularly attractive to the equipment manufacturers in this field of the semiconductor industry, which was reserved for small niche suppliers for decades: As a global provider with a one-stop-shop offering, Rexroth offers more security than small, regional suppliers.
Once again, it is attractive for Rexroth that this market is already one of the first to recover from the financial crisis. Rexroth has invested a lot in special technology and market access. The open motion control solutions are of strategic value to semiconductor equipment manufacturers, enabling them to realize fast innovation cycles and secure their competitive advantage rather than relying on proprietary developments. With the open Rexroth solution you can integrate exactly the solutions available on the market that you need. Rexroth also offers a one-stop-shop approach that enables the combination of the motion control solution with complementary Rexroth products such as PLCs, controllers and motors - another advantage over previous niche providers.

PC based solution

The PC based open motion control solution NYCe4000 is a high-precision and very compact motion controller with integrated drives and I / Os. It offers customers all the freedom to optimize their own machine solutions, including through simulation, the user-definable controller core and software tools such as tuners and scopes. A further degree of freedom is provided by drives that can be configured both for the operation of stepper motors and servomotors. The field of application for the NYCe4000 begins with fast multi-axis back-end equipment, such as chip bonders, sorters and testers, which use dozens of axes (multi-mechanisms) in the smallest of spaces. It ends in front-end equipment, where wafer processing requires nanometer-level positioning, often within vacuum chambers.

Among the customers Rexroth has won so far are world market leaders such as ASML (lithography) and Kulicke & Soffa (bonding equipment). But also integrators who work for end customers such as Samsung and LG. Semiconductor equipment manufacturers have always been used to dealing with cyclical market changes. They use downward movements to introduce their innovations. Once the market picks up again, only the one who can offer competitive equipment and with higher throughput time, improved accuracy, and avoidance of

Downtime can score. After the most dramatic downtrend in semiconductor industry history, the market is recovering very quickly and has already regained the level of 2008. The recovery is driven by applications such as power LEDs for lighting and flat screens for TVs and PCs. Wafer production for photovoltaics also plays a major role. For example, the flat panel display equipment market is booming as production of the next generation of products has to face a continued decline in prices. Order books for finished products have been full since mid-2009, and for 2010, demand for equipment is also rising. This is already noticeable for some Rexroth customers.

Lecture by Ad Scheepers, Head of Industry Management Process & Automation Systems in the Electric Drives and Controls division of Bosch Rexroth AG on the occasion of the Rexroth press evening at SPS / IPC / Drives 2009

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