Mitsubishi Electric has the first compact in the 1980s SPS brought on the market. Today the PLC Melsec series stands for reliability and efficiency in industrial automation in the Industry 4.0 era. As a globally recognized standard, it sets standards in control technology. With modern technology these offer programmable logic controllers Solutions for your demanding applications – especially when starting digitalization, as this article shows.MitsubishiElectric compact PLC



Mitsubishi Electric as the inventor of the compact PLC

PLC family FX effect Mitsubishi Electric almost 40 years ago world's first compact PLC, or programmable logic controller brought onto the market as part of the Melsec F series. Over the years, the FX portfolio of the pioneer of compact PLCs has expanded and today offers state-of-the-art solutions for countless applications and requirements in automation. The record number of approximately 19 million Melsec FX controls installed in machines and systems (as of 2020) speaks for itself. Below you will find information about the new products:

Programmable logic controller with IIoT functions

MitsubishiElectric PLC IIoT09.01.2024 | Mitsubishi Electric brings with its updated FX5-ENET Ethernet module IIoT functions in systems that use the Melsec iQ-F series PLC control. This use of connectivity to cybersecurity, cloud systems and email capabilities provides greater security as well as improved data management and connectivity. This allows machine builders and their end users to further increase operational efficiency.

With the hardware update of the FX5-ENET Ethernet module is one seamless data integration can be implemented in the cloud in accordance with IIoT requirements. Thanks to data-driven analyses, machines can be maintained proactively, are more productive and benefit from simplified troubleshooting. Cloud-based solutions help increase profitability.

The MQTTCommunicationprotocol enables IIoT cloud connectivity, opening up numerous and versatile applications. Remote access and seamlessly connected machines ensure intelligent operations. The factories are protected from cybersecurity attacks.

To a series of security features include encryption, digital certifications and TLS encryption, which minimize potential risks through detection, prevention and response. This ensures secure data transmission and protection against potential security risks. Functions for encrypted email sending have been integrated into the Ethernet solution, allowing free email services such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail and securing communication via an SMTP server.

This small control makes it easier to get started with digitalization

Oct 04.10.2023, XNUMX | With the new one Melsec FX5S PLC (Image above) Mitsubishi Electric offers an easy-to-use and cost-effective PLC for your digital transformation process. The youngest member of the compact PLC series Melsec iQ-F was designed for simple applications. It is used, among other things, in the food technology and beverage industry, water management and mechanical manufacturing. The FX5S also includes Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) functions. These make it easier to get started efficiently with industrial automation.

The FX5S is whole easily configurable. This shortens commissioning. This is done intuitively and also offers the high performance required for precise positioning.

Both machine builders and end users can use the new programmable logic controller to create machines with up to 60 I/O points. These solutions support IIoT connectivity and functionality. The combined PLC and IIOT functions can be used to advance the digitalization of important processes and realize future-oriented smart factories.

IIoT data analysis capabilities

The IIoT functions cover Data logging and data flow analysis. This speeds up and improves troubleshooting and root cause analysis. The integrated web server allows you to remotely monitor and Predictive Maintenance to improve responsiveness and flexibility.

The PLC is compatible with the open one Industrial Ethernet-Technology CC-Link IE Field Basic. You can connect them seamlessly with other factory automation devices like HMI, drive and decentralized I/O. On the PLC 2023 The experts at Mitsubishi Electric will advise you individually. 

How to turn PLC control into a security system

Sep 08.09.2020, XNUMX | Mitsubishi Electric has its PLC control Melsec iQ-F series expanded with two new modules. These form the basis of a compact, integrated security system. The two modules are simply connected to a PLC CPU Melsec FX5U or FX5UC. The wiring effort is significantly reduced and separate programming is no longer required.

The new Modules the PLC control. That was the requirement and it was fulfilled. Nine safety functions can be selected directly using the rotary switch at the front. There is no need to load or create sequence programs.

This reduces the effort involved in commissioning this PLC control compared to a conventional architecture. The principle of simplicity also applies to that Visualization. The status of the standard control and the safety control can be easily monitored through the built-in web server of the PLC control.

Connection of the PLC control

Mitsubishi Electric's new modules also reduce the amount of labor required during the engineering of a project. The Security module FS5-SF-MU4T5 and the expansion module for the safety input FX5-SF-8D14 are connected directly to the programmable logic controllers. The safety I/Os are connected via spring terminals. This saves time and wiring associated with traditional safety controls or securityrelay is required.

Standard and safety control

With the new modules, the safety of machines and systems can be integrated directly into the compact PLC control. No additional communication options are required. The FX5 PLC can be used as both a standard and safety controller.

About just one Main security module can be a FX5 Programmable Logic steering and provide four safety inputs and four safety outputs. With two additional expansion modules, up to 20 safety inputs and four safety outputs can be provided.

Safety standards Category 4, Ple and SIL3

By adding the safety modules to an FX5 PLC, a compact safety system can be created that is certified to the international safety standards Category 4, PLe and SIL3.

Ultra compact PLC with internet access and network capability

January 20.01.2020, XNUMX | Mitsubishi Electric presents its smallest and most powerful compact PLC to date. The Melsec FX5UC series has an extremely compact size. It helps mechanical engineering companies to place expanded functionality in minimal space. The programmable logic controller also offers web access and network connections for the latest smart factory applications.

Mitsubishi Electric has now repositioned the Melsec FX5UC series (C = compact) as part of the highly functional Melsec iQ-F series. It was developed for the increasingly demanding communication and data processing tasks for automation in the smart manufacturing developed. The ultra-compact programmable logic controller therefore has the same CPU performance like the manufacturer's premium model FX5U. Except that it is as small as the Micro PLC FX3S.

The ultra-compact PLC has a large data memory as well as a memory for programming up to 128.000 steps. Thanks to the execution speed of 34 ns, the control allows extremely fast machine response and increased productivity.

In addition, the FX5UC PLC can have functions such as Motion Control and positioning for up to eight synchronized axles take over. Dedicated controls and the associated maintenance and hardware costs are eliminated. This also applies to programming time and space requirements of the devices.

Multi-tasking capable - the ultra-compact PLC is female

Additional integrated functions protect against Data theft or manipulation of machines and systems. An example of this is the authentication of security keys, while users can securely access system status on the Internet and interact with integrated functions such as data logging.

The smallest CPU module has 16 digital inputs and 16 Relais or transistor outputs. It occupies only a quarter of the size of a conventional compact PLC. Valuable machines, systems or production areas can thus be released and space-saving Control Cabinets be used.

Programmable logic controllers: scalable, flexible, open

The designers had one when developing the new Melsec FX5UC scalable and flexible Solution of the programmable logic controller realized. This was designed for cost-sensitive, smaller applications and larger, networked multi-PLC systems. The network capability helps manufacturers develop integrated Automation, especially when using other products from Mitsubishi Electric. The entire production system with a simple system architecture and transparent data management can be controlled in this way. In addition, the open interfaces of the programmable logic controllers and their interchangeability ensure a variety of network options.

Many small details were taken into account when looking for a flexible and assembly-friendly PLC. Tension spring terminals speed up wiring and ensure reliable and vibration-resistant connections. Since the modules with their wiring unlocked and moved, maintenance and system changes can be carried out more quickly and easily.

Simply connect controllers to the OPC UA server

17.04.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX | the Process data Linking the control level directly into the IT world is particularly important in the wake of the digital transformation increasingly important. From now on, the “Melsec” controls from Mitsubishi Electric can also be connected to higher-level systems via the IBH Link UA, which is established on the market. MQTT is also possible directly for the cloud connection.

The IBH Link UA is a OPC UA Server/client assembly with firewall. This is a compact device for DIN rail mounting with four Ethernet ports and a 24 VPower Supply. What is new is the connection of the controllers from the FX5, L, QnA and iQ-R series. You can access the same range of functions of the OPC UA module. Custom OPC UA variables can also be exchanged with an MQTT broker/server and thus used for cloud solutions.

The variable names can be taken directly from the PLC project. OPC UA Companion specifications, e.g. B. for the OMAC standard can be implemented directly. Communication with the controls takes place via TCP / IP. The additional function for the controls is also available for IBH Link modules that have already been put into operation and can easily be reloaded via a free update.

3 Ethernet ports on the programmable logic controller

The IBH Link et al has three Ethernet ports for the machine level and one Ethernet port for higher-level systems such as MES and cloud solutions. The advantage of the assembly is that it is a server/client assembly. The OPC client function also enables data exchange between OPC servers. For example, controllers or other devices with OPC UA from different manufacturers can use this function to exchange data.

The Configuration The client function takes place via the system's web interface. For user-defined OPC UA variables, data structures can be defined in a separate namespace and then connected to any other OPC UA servers via the client function. This means that other OPC UA clients can also read and write these data structures.

Soon the connection of the Robot with the OPC UA CS for Robotic stand by. Inverters that support the MC protocol can already be connected.

Frequently asked questions

What is a compact PLC?

Definition: A compact PLC is programmable logic controller, in which all necessary components such as CPU, inputs and outputs as well as communication interfaces are integrated in a single housing. It is designed for smaller applications where the number of inputs and outputs is limited.

What other types of PLC are there?

There are still those modular PLC and the Software PLC. The modular PLC consists of input and output modules and CPU and is suitable for medium to large-scale applications. The software PLC is, as the name suggests, software-based. It runs on industrial computers and covers computationally intensive, complex applications.

Is PLC the same as PLC?

Ja, "PLC" (Programmable Logic Controller) is the English term and "SPS" (Programmable Logic Controller) is the German term for the same device for control and regulation in industrial automation.

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