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With the series "Webeasy" offers Conta-clip now a range of compact I / O modules for professional building automation with Modbus RTU. The analog, digital or analog / digital modules are equally suitable for central use in the control cabinet and decentralized use in the field. At the local level, the modules can be assembled without the need for complex wiring via integrated connectors that provide the supply voltage and a serial bus interface.

For decentralized use, individual modules are connected via standard twisted-pair cables. So that the control of the building functions is guaranteed even in case of maintenance and problems of the central control unit, the Webeasy modules are available with an intervention switch. By pressing the devices are disconnected from the automated network and allows manual control of the outputs. In addition, the modules have an integrated processor on which an emergency program can be installed in the event of a fault. LEDs show the device status and the switching states of the outputs at a glance. The simple addressing of the network nodes via rotary switches, which can be adjusted with the screwdriver. In total, up to 64 Webeasy modules can be connected to a bus, whereby the cable length may be 500 m. The range includes analog and digital input modules, digital and analog / digital output modules as well as digital and analog / digital input / output modules. Webeasy modules for easy connection of the power supply and the bus line complete the product range.

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