The programmable logic controller (PLC) controls and regulates machines and systems. If you are looking for a PLC, discover the new products from various manufacturers in this article. Here you will also find information about essential basics and deepen your knowledge of efficient automation systems.

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Programmable logic controller 2024 – The most important things in brief

The programmable logic controller is a Key element in every automation system. From more advanced control functions to seamless integration with the Internet of Things (IoT), PLC technology has become an essential automation component that can make production processes more efficient and cost-effective.

The latest trends in the PLC world they are making them increasingly smarter: From implementing artificial intelligence (AI) for predictive maintenance to Internet of Things (IoT) capability to using cloud platforms for remote monitoring and control: the possibilities are almost endless . Take a look into the future of automation and find out how you can benefit from new developments.

Which PLC is right for you?

In the wake of Industry 4.0 and the advent of... Artificial intelligence The PLCs always will too more customized executable. You can follow how the market adapts to your needs here. Keep up to date.

Programmable logic controller with IIoT functions

Mitsubishi PLC IoT09.01.2024 | Mitsubishi Electric With its updated FX5-ENET Ethernet module, brings IIoT functions to systems that use the Melsec iQ-F series PLC control. This use of connectivity to cybersecurity, cloud systems and email capabilities provides greater security as well as improved data management and connectivity. 

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This small control makes it easier to get started with digitalization

Mitsubishi small PLCOct 04.10.2023, XNUMX | With the new one Melsec FX5S PLC (picture above) offers Mitsubishi Electric an easy-to-use and cost-effective PLC for your digital transformation process. The youngest member of the compact PLC series Melsec iQ-F was designed for simple applications.

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Easy-to-use PLC automation system 

Oct 04.10.2023, XNUMX | The future of automation technology presented Jumo on SPS in Nuremberg with system solutions that cover your needs from the field level to the cloud. The heart of the presentation is the innovative Jumo Varitron 500 touch. The PLC system is a milestone for automation applications.

The Automation system is suitable for automating your machine or system in whatever industry you are at home in: from plant engineering to mechanical engineering, Measurement Technology, automation, Food industry, pharmaceutical, Medicine- and biotechnology, energy and water supply as well as water and environmental technology through to industrial furnace construction.

Programmable logic controller world expanded

This advanced device is the first Jumo PLC with capacitive Touchscreen. It combines a central unit and display and is available in sizes 7" and 10,1". Designed with robust protection classes IP65 and IP69K, it represents Jumo's expansion into the PLC world.

“We work with market standards such as Codesys V3.5 and Node-RED as development environments,” says product manager Michael Wiener. The Jumo Variton 500 touch not only offers clear process visualizations, but also full ones connectivity through the support of many fieldbussystems such as Profinet IO controllers and EtherCAT masters as well as more modern ones Communicationsprotocols like OPC UA. The PLC control is an example of reliable control technology with self-sufficient PID controllers, including self-optimization function.

Features and special features

The automation system is based on one 800 MHz quad-core processor, combined with modular Linux-based software and the Codesys V3.5 programming environment SP17 for creating PLC programs. Unique features such as a custom process and configuration data editor and the ability to integrate with the modern Node-RED programming environment set it apart from the competition.

A variety of connection options, including 2 USB hosts, up to 3 Ethernet interfaces and an RS485 port, expand functionality. In addition, a radio gateway enables the connection of up to 32 wireless Jumo Wtrans sensors. The “Jumo Smartware Evaluation”, a browser-based software, ensures easy data analysis. With individual dashboards and strong data security, the automation system guarantees optimized processes and efficient management.

Robot control integrated in automation software

December 16.12.2022, XNUMX | The PC-based control technology “Twincat Kinematic Transformation” from Beckhoff integrates the robot controller into the automation software. PLC, motion control and Robotic are executed together on an industrial PC. In addition to the Cartesian portal, various 2D kinematics and 3D delta kinematics, 6-axis kinematics are also available.


PLC control platform for motion control

March 03.03.2021, XNUMX | With “B Maxx PLC” (picture above). Baumüller a control platform on the market that combines the properties of Industrial personal computers and PLC control combined and thus optimally covers the area between these existing solutions. They are available in two versions: B Maxx PLC for motion control and B Maxx PLC IoT for Industry 4.0.

The B Maxx PLC mc controls motion control applications and, thanks to the comprehensive Baumüller technology libraries, is quick and easy for high-performance tasks in the Automation used.

With the Industry 4.0 variant B Maxx PLC IoT, data can be collected directly on the machine, pre-processed and sent to other end devices or the Cloud be issued. With this PLC control, extensive and complex data analyzes are carried out to implement Industry 4.0 applications such as Predictive Maintenance is possible.

New business models such as pay per x can also be implemented. The two variants are available in the same design. They have an IEC-61131-3 environment for implementing demanding control tasks in hard real time.

PLC control with high power reserves

The PLC control has dimensions of 110 x 90 x 35 mm much more compact than the previous ones Controllers and is suitable for DIN rail mounting in switch cabinet. The flexibly usable and mountable B Maxx PLC mc is based on an Intel x86 CPU system. It offers very good performance with highly synchronous real-time tasks. Complex and very powerful applications can be implemented with this PLC control.

Thanks to the combination of PC and PLC (programmable logic controller), the possibilities of the Windows operating system can also be used in addition to the controller tasks. Through the use of Multicore processors The Intel Atom series and the division into a real-time and a Windows operating system, which work independently of each other, make it possible to implement applications that previously required at least two systems. A typical example is machine visualization. This saves space in the switch cabinet and reduces complexity and costs in the after-sales area.

Safety control for safe signal processing

The B Maxx PLC mc is also very user-friendly. An example of this is the battery for the real-time clock, which can be changed from the outside without tools. At the same time, the data is kept secure even in the event of a power failure via a very fast, non-volatile memory NVRAM.

PLC control with IoT connectivity

The B Maxx PLC IoT extends the B Maxx PLC mc with extensive functions for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). It is suitable for networking and controlling machines, systems and modules right through to individual components. With the B Maxx PLC IoT, data can be collected directly on the machine, preprocessed and sent to other end devices or to the cloud. Extensive and complex data analyzes are possible as for predictive maintenance applications. New business models such as pay per x can also be implemented.

The software is on the B Maxx PLC IoT Node-RED implemented. This allows individual parameterizations to be made to analyze data and create your own dashboards. With an MQTT module, data can be sent to different clouds - regardless of the respective provider. An OPC UA component is also included, which ensures interoperability at the machine level.

Data from different manufacturers can be processed. Data from Baumüller products such as a B Maxx converter can be output in parallel to the fieldbus via the internal protocol and the service interface. The expanded functions allow Baumüller devices to be connected to other automation components.

How to turn PLC control into a security system

08.09.2020 | Mitsubishi Electric has its PLC control Melsec iQ-F series expanded with two new modules. These form the basis of a compact, integrated security system. The two modules are simply connected to a PLC CPU Melsec FX5U or FX5UC. 

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IP67 PLC with cloud connection and Edge Gateway

06.08.2020 | Turck now has the first with the Tben-L-PLC IP67 control with Edge Gateway presented worldwide, which has a Codesys PLC integrated and can be connected directly to the cloud. Thanks to multiprotocol technology, it can communicate simultaneously via different Ethernet protocols.

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Simply connect controls to OPC UA

Mitsubishi OPCUA PLC17.04.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX | the Process data Linking the control level directly into the IT world is particularly important in the wake of the digital transformation increasingly important. From now on, the “Melsec” controls from Mitsubishi Electric can also be connected to higher-level systems via the IBH Link UA, which is established on the market.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a PLC?

Definition: A programmable logic controller (PLC) is an electronic device used to automate technical processes, especially in industrial automation. It takes on control and regulation tasks in machines and systems. The special feature of a programmable logic controller compared to conventional controllers is that it is programmable.

What types of programmable logic controllers are there?

There are different types of PLCs in terms of size and functionality:

  • Compact-PLC is an integrated unit with fixed inputs and outputs, suitable for smaller applications.
  • Modular room PLC consists of separate modules (CPU, input/output modules) and is scalable for medium to large applications.
  • Software-PLC is software-based, runs on industrial PCs and is used for complex, computing-intensive applications.

Is PLC and PLC the same?

Yes, they are the same controls. "PLC" stands for "programmable logic controller" and is the Germane term. "PLC" stands for "Programmable Logic Controller" and is the Englishe term.

How does a PLC control work?

A programmable logic controller works cyclical. In its function, the PLC continuously reads the input signals (Sensors), processes it based on a stored program and implements corresponding output signals (actuators). This process repeats itself as long as the control is in operation, ensuring continuous monitoring and regulation of machines and processes.

In which language are PLCs programmed?

Special languages ​​are used for programming a PLC according to the IEC 61131-3 standard used. These include, for example, structured text (ST), instruction list (AWL) and function block language (FBS).

Source: This article is based on information from the following companies: Baumüller, Beckhoff, Jumo, Mitsubishi Electric, Turck.

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