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baumer0418Aggressive media such as vapors or cleaning agents can damage the sensor front of ultrasonic sensors, the so-called transducers, and thus impair its function. The chemically robust «Unar / Urar 12» Miniature sensors by Baumer Thanks to a patented, wafer-thin Parylene coating on the front of the sensor and a stainless steel all-metal housing, they are ideal for such environments.

The compact sensors are available as proximity switches, reflection barriers and distance sensors. The possible applications are, for example, the level measurement of paints and varnishes in the graphics industry or in pressure tanks as well as compact laboratory containers in the pharmaceutical industry.

Thanks to <6 ms, a narrow sound cone and the FDA-compliant material, the very fast response times make them suitable for fast applications such as the presence detection of bottles in bottlers in the food and beverage industry. In contrast to ultrasonic sensors with metal caps, the sensors with parylene coating can be mounted very easily and without any additional aids.

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