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baumer0218Whether container crane systems, lifting bridges or steelworks, the availability of plants always has the highest priority. With the series HMG10P / PMG10P there Baumer more intelligence in there operational Heavy duty rotary encoder, Using a WLAN adapter, these can be conveniently parameterized from any input device. This allows individual adjustment and optimization of numerous device parameters on site.

With the compact WLAN adapter, system builders, service technicians and distributors can parameterize their encoders quickly and intuitively via Ethernet or WLAN from a PC, tablet or smartphone. An integrated monitoring function clearly visualizes current encoder signals and facilitates commissioning. A parameter download simplifies the system documentation. The password protection prevents manipulation by unauthorized persons.

Under tough, highly aggressive environmental conditions, these heavy-duty rotary encoders have proven their reliability and unmatched service life for decades. With double-sided support, magnetic sensing and the patented Energy Harvesting Revolution counter, the HMG10P / PMG10P absolute multi-turn encoders are robust and work well in Hübner's heavy-duty heavy-duty design. Thanks to the WLAN adapter, the great flexibility of these encoders is now fully usable.

In addition to the absolute position output, the HMG10P / PMG10P series offers up to two incremental zero-pulse output signals as well as an integrated speed switch. The resolution of the SSI absolute position, the incremental resolution from 1 to 131072 pulses per revolution as well as the switching speed from 2 to 12000 min-1, In combination with a variety of mechanical, signal and fieldbus interfaces, there are virtually no limits to the flexible use of the new series.

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